Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The WQG Quilt Barn Trail (January 2017 Guild Meeting Program)

It was an evening to be flexible!  We're recovering from a week of ice and snow, and decided not to cancel (although it was considered).  Then- our speaker was ill and didn't even have enough voice to get through her program.  So our members Julie Mason and Jane Fouste stepped in to give us an update on our Quilt Barn Project. The members who braved the snow and ice were treated to a very interesting and informative program about the wooden quilt blocks that have been installed on barns in Washington County, Oregon.

This was the very first block installed 3 years ago.  We've come a long way since then!  There are now more than 30 blocks sprinkled through rural Washington County!

 Julie and her committee have learned a lot from the painting and installation of blocks so far.  The process has become quite streamlined and the group is more efficient with each block.

More and more requests are coming in as barn owners see other blocks installed and want to learn how they can get a block placed on their barn.

The snow is now melted, our original speaker has been rescheduled, and the January meeting was a very enjoyable one- thanks to Julie and Jane!

Annual Holiday Party! (December 2016 guild meeting)

December, 2016  Annual Holiday Party
Members of the WQG always look forward to our annual party.  We take an evening to celebrate the wonderful year of quilting with friends, as well as fulfilling our mission of charity and education in our community.  We each bring a gift (about $10 value) which are either made or purchased, as well as a potluck dish.  It's an evening of friendship and lots of smiles.

A HUGE thank-you to the party committee!  The musical entertainment, the decorations, the food and the gift exchange were only topped by the good company and time with our patchwork of dear friends!

Vintage Quilts (November, 2016 Guild Meeting Program)

November brought a wonderful program to our guild!  We appreciate the efforts of guild member, Barbara Sanders, who hosted the program on Vintage Quilts. 

We had 34 members show their quilts (74) and share stories and memories. JoAnn Tannock from the Washington County Museum gave a short talk about quilt care, storage, cleaning and documentation. A handout from the Oregon Quilt Project and one about American textile history were available to all.

It felt like a step back in time to see all of these treasured quilts draped around the church.  Each quilt brought with it a unique story, and it was beautiful to see each one have a moment in the spotlight.

How fitting that we had this program a few days before celebrating Thanksgiving,  At a time when we think about things for with we are thankful, we had the opportunity to share stories about some of our ancestors and about a piece of our history that is very meaningful to us.  Thank you to all of our members who so generously shared your quilts and memories with us.

Kathie Kerler, ZigZag Pizzaz (October, 2016 Quilt Guild Meeting)

 Kathie Kerler is a fiber artist, writer, and NQA Certified Quilt Judge. 

When she visited our guild meeting in October, we asked her to speak about techniques for adding interest in dimension to our quilts.  She presented her lecture on using only a zig zag stitch to create elegant effects on art quilts.  You an see more examples of her work on her webstie.

Kathie has completed rigorous courses in design and embroidery through London City and Guilds College of London, England and at the Lesage School of Needlework in Paris, France. She exhibits her work at various shows and galleries.  Many of her techniques came from these challenging courses.  It was very interesting to hear her speak about how she developed these techniques- many through trial and error. 

During our break, members enjoyed the opportunity to see her work up close.

Michele Crawford, The Value of Color (September, 2016 Guild Meeting Program)

Michele Crawford of Flowerbox Quilts was our presenter in September.  Michele is a very prolific designer and has published thousands of projects in her 26 year career as a quilt and fabric designer.  Many of her patterns are available through her website, and others have been published in magazines, and in conjunction with fabric manufacturers to accompany her fabric lines.

 Michele spoke about how to use color to make eye catching quilts- making the fabric do the "work".  Her large trunk show was a treat to see.  Her quilts were colorful and eye-catching.  It's easy to see why so many quilters have been drawn to her quilts over the years!

At our break, Michele sold fabric that she designed and was happy to autograph copies of her books.

Annual Guild UFO Contest Reveal (August, 2016 Guild Meeting Program)

Every year, our members anxiously await this popular program!  About 8 months prior to the reveal, members write down descriptions of their UFO's (Unfinished Objects).  These UFO's must be quilts that have already been started- no matter how old.  The challenge is to see how many quilts in progress that we can finish in time for the reveal.  The event was organized by Marlene Thomas and we all appreciate her efforts.  What a fun evening!

These are just SOME of the quilts that were finished!

Three participants were chosen at random to receive gift certificates for their participation, but everyone who finished even one UFO feels like a real winner!

Paper Piecing- Cheryl Peck (July, 2016 Guild Meeting Program)

Cheryl Peck was our speaker for the July meeting.  Cheryl designs amazingly detailed designs for paper piecing.  She especially loves to design sea life and coastal scenes, but she has also created lovely flowers as well as playful veggies.

Her book, Seascapes, is full of designs that can be used individually, or grouped in a large quilt.

 Cheryl went through some detailed slides illustrating basic paper piecing technique.  Then she treated us to a large trunk show of her quilts.

Crater Lake, Oregon



Annual Quilt Challenge Reveal (June, 2016 Guild Meeting Program)

Our Challenge this year was issued by Clara Mashek and Carrie Townsend- "The Number 9"
Our members were challenged to take a book, and open it to page 9.  Then we were to create a quilt inspired by what was printed on page 9.

The challenge quilts were shown and described by their designers/ makers with Clara and Carrie acting as MC's.

A total of 24 quilts were displayed on the back wall (shown at left).  Those in attendance admired the quilts and then placed their ballots for their favorites.

 The winners were announced at the end of the meeting and awarded gift certificates.


Barbara Sanders won first place, with “Keep Portland Weird”’; Jean Lasswell won 2nd place, with “Library Quilt”, and 3rd place went to Debra Welch, with “Blank Slate.  It was difficult to choose one, however, as all the quilts were winners.

Helene Knott- Global Dances (May, 2016 Guild Meeting)

Popular local quilt artist, Helene Knott, is well known to our members.  In May, she treated us to her newest program and trunk show titles, "Global Dances". 

Helene discussed various world cultures- past and present- and how they expressed themselves through textile art.  Along with this fascinating lecture, Helene had a large trunk show of her own work to illustrate various techniques.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Quilts that Tell a Story- Anne Sonner (April, 2016 Guild Meeting Program)

In April of 2017, Anne Sonner visited our guild from southern California.  Her work includes very carefully chosen bits of fabric, embellishments, and photos printed on fabric that have history and meaning.  These things are expertly placed in such a way as to tell a story.  The story may be the history of someone from a past generation, or it may commemorate an event such as a wedding or earning the rank of Eagle Scout. 
 Anne's presentation was rich with color and was very engaging.  The stories she shared as she showed her quilts were as unique as her beautiful work.

Anne also gave a workshop and guided the students to create their own quilts with a story.