Monday, September 9, 2019

Board Meeting Amendment

Amendment to Westside Quilt Guild Board Meeting Minutes from September 3, 2019

I published in error two items:

September Speaker: Should read Mary Bostwick, not Mary Boswick.
June 2020 Retreat was stated as being held in Scappoose. The correct location is Stub Stewart State Park.

Respectfully submitted by,
Heidi Nesheim, Secretary
September 9, 2019

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Westside Quilt Guild Board Meeting
September 3, 2019
Present: Sue Nichols, Susan Greathouse, Heidi Nesheim, Penni Eagan, Renee Friberg, Sue Hauser, Connie Gaebel, Lori Haugsten

The meeting opened at 5:58 pm

Sue asked who currently has keys to the storage unite and mailbox. She up dated her list and will see that Renee will get a key to the storage unit by the October General Meeeting.

Vice President Education
Susan reported about the Adelante Mujeres Chicas Camp. Five guild members volunteered their services and talents. 60 girls from 5th to 12th grades participated at different stations throughout the day. They used muslin and felt to make quilt blocks. Many wanted to hand sew their blocks. They will continue to work with this group throughout the school year with two additional school teachers. Due to travel more sessions will not begin until November. The guild members brought quilts to share which the girls enjoyed.

Vice President Charity

Heidi revisited the idea of posting an agenda for all to see at the General Meetings. She talked the IT people and found timing would make it difficult to post on the screens at the meeting. She suggested a flip chart for all to see at the entrance to the meetings. The purchase of a flip chart and stand was approved. Sue reminds everyone who needs to be added to the agenda MUST have it to her no later than the Saturday prior to the Monday meeting.

Penni passed out copies of her report. She commended Donna for her willingness to help through the transition.

Lori reported that there have been several disgruntled members regarding their membership and photos. The membership committee have be the recipients of confrontational remarks. They would like to remind membership that her committee along with everyone else, who works hard to keep our Guild going strong, are volunteers. Mistakes can be made, none of which are intentional. We all try to do our best for the sake of the Guild and would appreciate it if negativity is left at the door when you come to meetings. Email Lori if you need her to mail you a registration form. Membership renewals were due in July in order to be included in the current directory. There will be a mid-year addendum to include those not included in the current directory. She re minds everyone that the membership “desk” is not open until 6:00, please do not check in until they are ready.

                                                                                  Quilt Barn Trail
Sue received a letter from the committee. See last page for the full letter. Heidi reported that the AAA Magazine mentioned the Trail in their latest issue.

Ways & Means
Nancy still doing things since she has the quilt show boutique. Renee posed the question of should we do rummage sale vs. brown bag. The brown bag requires a lot of hours and storage space, including a U-Haul rental. The returns are greater from brown bag $3500+ vs $1600. The time of the year is also a challenge. To align with the fiscal year the decision was made to hold off and not do a big fundraiser until April 2021. Sue stated she can “hold” April 2021 in programs and if things change, she can fill the spot with a few months’ notice. Any suggestions for a future fundraiser will be appreciated.  A reminder, needs to be placed in the Newsletter, to encourage members to sign up with Fred Meyer and Amazon for points. Your personal points are not affected however, the guild will get a portion donated based on points obtained.  Renee will start bringing WQG logo merchandise to meetings for members to purchase.

The program committee consists of Sue H., Ruth, Connie and Toni.  They recently met to determine what are the roles and responsibilities for each member. The committee agreed that some roles need to change. Connie will take over as the lead for programs, Sue will get speakers and arrange workshops, Ruth will handle sign ups for retreats and workshops, Toni and Connie will work together on retreats. Any questions regarding programs should be directed to Connie. Connie reported that our eight-foot tables at the Senior Center are being use by the center, as a result several are broken and unsafe.  Connie would like approval to purchase two new tables. She suggested the six-foot tables from Costco that fold in half. This way they can be stored in the storage room and not be as appealing to be used by the center. These tables would cost approx. $50, the eight-foot tables would cost approx. $150.  A motion was made by Renee to purchase two six-foot tables, there was a second by Susan and all approved. The broken tables will be offered for sale for parts at a later time.
Coming up:
Girl Scout Retreat:  Sept 6-8, all spaces filled
Grandmother’s Garden:  Sept 15
September Speaker: Novelist Maria Boswick
Sewing Saturday September 21
No Machines Required September 25
There will be an e-mail blast for the Mystery Class’ instructions. It happens October 5th & 6th $25

New Business

A member at the last meeting wanting to show a quilt at the general meeting with some nudity. She asked if would be appropriate in a church venue. It was decided it could be inappropriate and will ask her to bring it to a Sewing Saturday or Sewing Weekend and that she asks before she shares. It was also discussed that members respect the venue of our meetings and avoid language that is inappropriate.

Penni will be unavailable for a month, Sue H. will take over treasury during her absence.

Connie is working on the new “rustic” retreat for 2020 in Scappoose. She will be trying to get the reservations this week when they open at midnight. She is reserving RV spaces, cabins and the community center. The dates are June 5-7, 2020. There will be no Girl Scout Retreat in 2020.  These two locations will alternate the following years.  There will be additional Sewing Weekends to accommodate the loss of one retreat in 2020.

Susan asked if she needed a sub for meetings? It was determined that only the president and secretary need subs.
Mass e-mails, send to Carrie for blasts.  Jayne May is doing newsletter.

Old Business

The meeting was adjourned at 7:21 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Heidi Nesheim, Secretary

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Meeting Minutes July 15, 2019

Meeting Minutes
Westside Quilters Guild General Meeting
July 15, 2019

The meeting was called to order by Sue Nichols at 6:32 pm.
This will be a short meeting due to The Extraordinary Quilter’s Recycle Sale.

Officer Installation
Sue gave her thanks to the outgoing officers and presented a rose to each.
Carrie Townsend       Vice-President
Joyce Greenfield       Secretary
Donna Fairchild         Treasurer
Nancy Stober             Ways/Means

The continuing officers also received a rose and Sue’s appreciation.
Sue Hauser*               Programs
Lori Haugsten             Membership

Sue welcomed the new officers to the board and gave each a rose.
Susan Greathouse      Vice-President, Education
Marilyn Alexander     Vice-President, Charity (not present)
Heidi Nesheim            Secretary
Penni Eagan*              Treasurer
Renee Friberg             Ways/Means

Sue Nichols* is continuing as our President.

*Authorized to sign re: bank account with Columbia Bank

June’s minutes were accepted as written with a motion and a second.
A reminder, membership needs time to set up prior to the start of the meetings. Please give Lori and her team time to set up. If you are early and they are not ready, make sure you go back and sign in. Tonight is the last day to pay dues for the 2019-2020 year in order to be included in the directory.

Charity Quilts
14 quilts were presented as a result of the Karla Alexander workshop. These quilts will be given to Camp Erin.

Quilt Show
Marilyn Hickman presented the quilt submission form. Please fill out the forms completely. She has paper copies available tonight; electronic copies will be available soon. All details are on the submission form. You are required to submit one form per quilt; however, no form will be required for challenge quilts. Quilt submissions will only be accepted with a current WQG membership. Submissions due September 16th, bring to general meeting or email.

Block of the Month
No block this month, patterns for August’s block (Log Cabin Rose) are available in the lobby.

Sue Hauser stated in keeping with a short meeting all the upcoming programs are posted on the back wall and no payments will be taken tonight. There are sign up sheets for the classes.
Sue will be teaching her Lavender Wand class at Sewing Saturday, July 20th, this class is free.
Helena Knott: July 21st
Two Days with Karla Alexander:  August 3 & 4, Jessie May Community Center 9-4
Are you missing a seam roller? One was left behind at the Christina Cameli workshop, see Sue.

Bird Quilt
Syrena Glade showed six completed bird blocks. She has patterns for a gull and a pheasant. Syrena will be at Sewing Saturday for those with questions or need help with your block.

The Extraordinary Quilter’s Recycle Sale
As you enter you will be given a magazine with your tally sheet attached. When you add items to your bag, use the tally sheet to mark the cost (posted on each table). Payments are accepted with cash or check.  This is the first year, let’s see how it goes. This event required a lot less time to organize and run than Brown Bag. Enjoy and have fun shopping!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Heidi Nesheim, Secretary

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

February, 2019 Guild Meeting- 2019 Challenge Quilts Revealed

February is an exciting month with the Westside Quilters!  It's the month our challenge participants reveal their entries in our annual challenge contest. 


The guild is in it's 12th year so this is the #12 Challenge.
Must be 12" x 12"
Any colors- this is 12 fabrics, not 12 colors
Solids or prints
Background counts as a fabric
Binding counts as a fabric
Backing and label are NOT counted in the 12 fabrics
Must have top, batting, and backing
Members may submit up to 3 entries

 Prizes?  Of course!
We will be awarding a prize for the viewers' choice, Best Use of Theme, as well as 2 random draws.  Everyone has a chance to win!

So you don't think you're work is up to snuff?  NOT TRUE!  We all love to see the vast array of quilts made by our members.  We want to see YOUR  interpretation of this theme.  Join in the fun and bring an entry!

These 4 sample blocks were made by Mona Woo, who is coordinating this event.  Thanks for the inspiration, Mona!

Bring your entry to the February, 2019 Guild Meeting.

Block of the Month- Bring to February, 2019 guild meeting

The February Block of the Month is "Slashed".  Use scrappy colors with good contrast.

If you want to play along, make a block (or blocks) and bring them to the February general meeting.  For each block you bring, you get one entry in the drawing.  At the end of the meeting, a name will be drawn and that lucky quilter will receive the whole pile!

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

January, 2019 Guild Meeting- Christina Cameli

January, 21, 2019
Christina Cameli

 We started off the new year with Christina Cameli.  Christina entertained us and amazed us with her large trunk show of quilts made with a wedge ruler. She also showed us that we can get beautiful results quilting our creations on a domestic sewing machine.

 Christina is a quilter who loves spreading excitement and confidence to other quilters! She free-motion quilt on her own home machine. She loves teaching free-motion quilting so much that she wrote some books about it! Then she started playing with wedge quilts, so she wrote about that too!

Christina is happiest working without patterns, using up scraps and not taking things too seriously. She's a single mom and quilting is just a part-time thing for her., In the "real" world she's a nurse-midwife and loves her job.

Christina will be giving workshops on free motion quilting on a domestic machine on March 23, 2019 and a workshop on making a wedge quilt will be scheduled for the fall.  For information, contact Sue Hauser or Ruth Voelker.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Block-of-th-Month- Bring to January Meeting

BOM's are always fun- especially when you have the chance to bring one, and come home with a whole hand full!  Bring one (or more) string quilt blocks to the January guild meeting. For each block you enter, you have one chance in the drawing to win them all.  Below is a tutorial for making this month's block.

This great tutorial is from the blog, "A Quilting Life".

Photos via A Quilting Life
Here is a simple tutorial for creating string quilt blocks using a muslin foundation:
**Cut 10 ½ inch square muslin for foundation piece
**Strips are Scrappy – your choice of color and width
·         Start by saving strips and strings of fabric. Don’t worry about trimming them to any particular size — a good variety of sizes looks best in a string quilt. Strips ranging in size from 1 1/4” to 2 1/2” are a good choice. Although smaller strips can be used, they don’t show up well after seam allowances are taken into consideration, and larger strips tend to take up too much of the block. Squares of fabrics can also be used for string blocks — they are perfect for using on the corners of the blocks.

·         You’ll also want to collect fabric for your foundation squares. A thin muslin fabric works best. Using this method will result in a quilt top that is a little bit heavier than normal, however, you can use very thin batting or even a piece of flannel in place of batting to keep your finished quilt from becoming too bulky.
·         Another idea to save on bulk is to skip the batting completely and use flannel or corduroy for the quilt backing.
·         These squares can be cut to any size depending on the size you want your finished block. Add 1/2” to your desired finished block size. For example: cut 8 1/2” squares to end up with 8” finished blocks.

Begin by placing one strip of fabric face up diagonally across your foundation piece. Secure the strip to the foundation using a couple of pins or a few dots of appliqué glue. You can also use an acid-free glue stick to secure the center strip. This step is important to prevent shifting before the strip is secured on both edges to the foundation.

Add a second strip of fabric, right sides together, to the center strip. Sew through all layers using a 1/4” seam allowance. Press to set the seam, then open up and press the top strip open.
Continue to add strips in this manner until one side of your foundation is completely covered with strips.
Then, begin to use this same method to cover the remaining half of the foundation square.
Once your square is completely covered with strips, turn it over and trim the strip pieces with the edges of the square