Friday, October 7, 2011

News from the Boutique and Show

Over the last few weeks, the contents of our Boutique for the Quilt Show has tripled. We have a smorgasbord of bags and pouches, Kindle covers, luggage tags, beautiful handbags and totes, Christmas ornaments, baby hats and bibs, and that's just a sample to whet your appetite. Our members have been sewing for months making clever custom items. We also have a selection of books and other craft/sewing items for sale. This can be a great start to your holiday shopping!

Stacks of quilts delivered Tuesday
Tuesday and Wednesday we accepted quilts for the show. We now have more than the 150 we planned, not including the Washington County Museum quilts and those we'll receive today from our Featured Quilt Artists Terry Grant and Mary Goodson.

Today we'll be installing the show, hanging the quilts, and setting up the vendors. We'll try to post some photos tonight with a hint of what you'll see when you arrive. Tomorrow is the big day!


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