Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Subgroups Forming

At last week's Sewing Saturday, May 17, a preliminary planning meeting was hold to start two new subgroups.  The first, Electric Quilt is slated to help interested members get started or get more out of their investment in EQ.  This amazing program has many many ways to help you created beautiful quilts, plan quilts you are about to make, and see how projects are going to turn out in real time.  If you own EQ or would like to investigate its capabilities, please join us.  Contact Sue Hauser or Muriel Petersen for further details.  Tentative plan for meeting time is during Sewing Saturday. Time to be announced.

The second group centers on machine embroidery to enhance your quilt, make specialty blocks and generally increase your knowledge and skills in this area.  Meeting time to be determined as membership is determined but most likely will be at The Sewing Room courtesy of Mary Laffler in the early evening, just after store closing.  Contact Sue Hauser or Muriel Petersen.

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