Saturday, December 6, 2014


First blocks installed!


We signed the back of block going up at the Simpson Century Farm.
John Doctor (right) and crew Richard put the bottom part of
the Hovering Hawks block in place.
Taking up the top piece...


Celebrating the first block to be installed!  #1 
See this block at 31535 SW Simpson Road, Cornelius.

 Then we moved on to install the second one...

The second block was signed on the back, too!  This block is going up 
on the corner of Hornecker and Padget on the Gates Century Farm.

John and Richard already have the frame and bottom of the
Grandmother's Fan block up,and are raising the top piece into place.


Members of the Gates and Ferguson Families along with Guild members
celebrate the installation of this gorgeous quilt barn block. 
This one is at 32720 NW Hornecker Road, Hillsboro.

Watch for more blocks to be installed!



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