Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Highlights of the March Meeting

At the March meeting, we were treated to a slide show from John and Nancy Watts who have been involved with the Mongolian Quilting Project. (You can see more about the project by clicking on that link.) The Mongolian Quilting Project was started when a woman by the name of Maggie Ball received an impassioned e-mail from a Mongolian woman, Selenge Tserendash, who wanted to help needy women in her country where unemployment is high and alcoholism is rampant. Selenge was opening the New Way Life NGO Mongolian Quilting Center and asked for volunteers to go and teach quilting in Mongolia.

John and Nancy responded to the call and they have traveled extensively in Mongolia. Their presentation was via a slide show, and the stories of their travels were nothing short of fascinating. They've dealt with impassable roads, lack of indoor plumbing, less-than-suitable outdoor "facilities", and food that you and I would consider questionable at best. John and Nancy are adventurous travelers, indeed. Still, their respect for the Mongolian people, their culture, the landscape, and the lifestyle was evident, and their presentation was very interesting.

Although this wasn't a "trunk show" in the way quilters think of it, they did have a table of items for sale that were made by the women in Mongolia and they were stunningly beautiful. Here is a sampling.

The fabrics were almost entirely of silk.

There was an assortment of cozies and little zipper handbags,

and beautiful table runners.

John told us that these silk fabrics were from scraps that had previously been burned for heating fuel. Now they are provided as scraps for the women to use in their sewing. Look at how beautiful they are:

Here's another sampling of quilt blocks:

The slippers are hand-embroidered.

It was a very interesting presentation, and a good glimpse into life in a far-away part of the world.

April's meeting will be the annual Brown Bag Bargain Bonanza. Contact Sandi Carner for more information.

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