Tuesday, June 16, 2015

June Meeting and Challenge Reveal

Last night was the big reveal of our challenge quilts. There was a lot of talent on display for the June meeting. There were many different interpretations of the theme, which was to be a range of neutrals, one color, and one zinger. Barb's quilt set the bar pretty high.

This quilter took a more traditional approach.

Clara started with this small panel as her challenge entry.

Then she proceeded to show us how she'd carried her curling "zinger" fabric through two more panels. 

This quilter went into quite a bit of detail with her flower basket quilt.

It's a clever way to use up your stash of rickrack.

This was our second place winner, Stephanie. Her quilt was really pretty and her quilting was beautiful. She used hot fix crystals as her zinger.

Becky was our third place winner, whose quilt was inspired by the Northern Lights...held sideways in this picture.

There we go. That's better.

This quilter described her quilt as a wonky medallion.

This quilter combined a photograph from the Caribbean with a photograph of a friend's sailboat to come up with her little quilt.

Annmarie's quilt was inspired by our friends the Stellar jays and a zinger of a cardinal.

Here's the quilt back.

Ann was our first place winner. Her quilt was inspired by a photograph of her grandson.

Jean's woven quilt was inspired by the theme for our guild's October quilt show theme.

This quilt was inspired by the quilter's granddaughter who was "super girl" for a week after receiving a super girl cape.

And this quilt was inspired by Bella's trip to Yellowstone National Park following the devastating fires back in the late 80's. She described the devastation and the hope in the little green shoots she saw while there.

There were 25 quilts in all. If the #26 on that quilt above confuses you, know that it's because #9 was skipped. Our challenge coordinators skipped #9 because it was difficult to tell the difference between a six and a nine in the voting. 

Here are our winners! Ann Laffin, first place; Stephanie Hinsvark, second place; and Becky Lytle, third place. Congratulations to the three winners and to all the talented quilters who joined in the challenge.

Also revealed last night were a crowd of charity quilts made in an event with Karla Alexander.

Great work, ladies!

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