Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Highlights of the September Meeting

At the September meeting, members were treated to a program from Mary Shiffer who claims to be as crazy as her crazy quilts. She certainly kept us chuckling with her sense of humor and speaking style.

Mary told us that she'd been sewing since she was a child, but got interested in crazy quilting later in life. This was her first crazy quilt.

It was made from her wedding gown and some bridesmaids' dresses.

She's also made some beautiful tea cozies.

Mary described the many places she's purchased fabric, lace, and other embellishments, including fabric stores, antique shops, and online, especially eBay. This next quilt was made from some fabric she purchased in the French Quarter of New Orleans. She calls this quilt "Crazy on Bourbon Street".

She's also made up some quilt kits, also elaborately embellished.

This is a four seasons art quilt.

She told us that her favorite fabric to work with is kimono silk and explained that it is hard to find kimono silk in yellow.

Crazy quilt blocks start with a pentagon in the center and then the pieces are added going in a clock-wise rotation.

In this next piece, however, she started in the upper left corner and worked across.

Mary's family enjoys her tradition of making Christmas ornaments, gift card holders, and bookmarks for Christmas gift exchanges.

She also makes small pieces suitable for framing.

Creative and versatile, she's also made toys from her crazy quilt pieces.

Some of her pieces are maps of countries. The next two were made using Aboriginal fabrics.

She calls the next quilt "Crazy Down Under".

The next quilt is one she is making for herself, including blocks that represent herself and family members.

Her own block in the quilt includes the beaded hospital bracelet from when she was born.

Mary explained the process of obtaining kimono silk sleeves online. Each quilt sleeve is 14 inches wide, and has the potential for three fabrics. Kimono silk is a woven fabric and can be used on either side.

They are also faced, and so Mary can deconstruct the sleeves to obtain her three fabric possibilities.

Here are some examples of some of the pretty kimono silk she obtained in a recent purchase.

And here are some details of Mary's beautiful hand work.

She brought a sampling of her collections of embellishments.

Mary will teach a class for our guild on December 12th, and she'll be sharing some of her beautiful stash with class participants.

All in all, an interesting and informative evening at the guild. Makes me want to get crazy too. 

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