Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Colleen Wise- Casting Shadows (February, 2016 Guild Meeting Program)

 In February of 2016 the speaker at our monthly guild meeting was Colleen Wise, from Puyallup, Washington.  What a program!  Colleen was humorous, thought-provoking, and engaging. At our break, members enjoyed getting a closer look at the quilts draped for display.

Artist's statement:

"Quilting is two-dimensional medium, but I like to play with the illusion of three. My quilts have a sense of depth that goes beyond the surface. Elements seem to float above the surface or recede into the depths of the quilt. My goal is to encourage the viewer to look into the quilt, rather than just at it.
I'm inspired by walking through old cemeteries and studying the architecture of the headstones and the play of light on the granite. I tend to pull leaves off trees. I'm fascinated by the stars and planets, and I never miss an opportunity to look through a telescope. I love geometry but not necessarily symmetry. These themes and more end up in my work.
I create illusion by casting shadows, and by doing so: I create light."
Colleen Wise - Casting Shadows  Colleen is the author of Casting Shadows:
Creating Visual Dimension in Your Quilts (C&T Publishing, 2005).
In this book, Colleen shares her techniques for creating 
3-D illusions on quilts.

Learn more about Colleen on her website.


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