Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The WQG Quilt Barn Trail (January 2017 Guild Meeting Program)

It was an evening to be flexible!  We're recovering from a week of ice and snow, and decided not to cancel (although it was considered).  Then- our speaker was ill and didn't even have enough voice to get through her program.  So our members Julie Mason and Jane Fouste stepped in to give us an update on our Quilt Barn Project. The members who braved the snow and ice were treated to a very interesting and informative program about the wooden quilt blocks that have been installed on barns in Washington County, Oregon.

This was the very first block installed 3 years ago.  We've come a long way since then!  There are now more than 30 blocks sprinkled through rural Washington County!

 Julie and her committee have learned a lot from the painting and installation of blocks so far.  The process has become quite streamlined and the group is more efficient with each block.

More and more requests are coming in as barn owners see other blocks installed and want to learn how they can get a block placed on their barn.

The snow is now melted, our original speaker has been rescheduled, and the January meeting was a very enjoyable one- thanks to Julie and Jane!

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