Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Vintage Quilts (November, 2016 Guild Meeting Program)

November brought a wonderful program to our guild!  We appreciate the efforts of guild member, Barbara Sanders, who hosted the program on Vintage Quilts. 

We had 34 members show their quilts (74) and share stories and memories. JoAnn Tannock from the Washington County Museum gave a short talk about quilt care, storage, cleaning and documentation. A handout from the Oregon Quilt Project and one about American textile history were available to all.

It felt like a step back in time to see all of these treasured quilts draped around the church.  Each quilt brought with it a unique story, and it was beautiful to see each one have a moment in the spotlight.

How fitting that we had this program a few days before celebrating Thanksgiving,  At a time when we think about things for with we are thankful, we had the opportunity to share stories about some of our ancestors and about a piece of our history that is very meaningful to us.  Thank you to all of our members who so generously shared your quilts and memories with us.


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