Saturday, July 28, 2018

August, 2018 Guild Meeting- Our Annual Brown Bag Extravaganza!

IT'S ALMOST HERE!  You've been waiting for it- It's Brown Bag Time!

 Every year out members clean out their sewing spaces and find treasures that need a new home.  They donate their seldom-used quilting and craft items.... and then the fun begins!
Our fabulous Brown Bag Committee toils for months to prepare for the evening.  Nancy and her team group, sort, and label the goodies and set up tables of silent auction items, "ticket and take it" items and  the ever popular brown bag items.  We purchase tickets and  "spend" them by purchasing "ticket and take it" items and put them in brown bags next to items they hope to win when tickets are drawn from the bags.  

The fun starts at 6:30 on August 20th at the New Life Baptist Church in Hillsboro.  But be sure to arrive early (after 6pm) to get your paddle and purchase tickets.  

ALL ARE WELCOME!  This event is not limited to members. All proceeds go to the general guild fund to support our program and expenses, and to support our charity and education efforts. 

Bring a friend, join in the fun, and take home some treasures! 

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