Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September, 2018  Nancy Goldsworthy- Batting, Needles and Thread

Sewing has been Nancy's passion since she was very young. Her love for fabric has driven her career from her first job in a shirt factory to her current longarm quilting business. Along her  journey she has learned the ins and outs of both the garment and fabric industries. From working with the fabric vendors to sending the finished product out the door, she has done it all. But, her favorite part is still sitting and sewing the pieces together. Quilting has been her focus for the past 20 years.

Now, as a longarm quilter, her many years in industrial sewing have given her an insight into how needles, threads and fabrics worked and why. She discovered not only that quilters needed the information that she had gleaned in 30 years working with the industrial machines, but that she enjoyed teaching them.  Nancy has had 4 books published on the technical parts of needles, threads, batting and more. The original books are currently out of print, but are currently being updated.

Nancy was our presenter on September, 2018, and she shared with us what's new in the world of needles, threads and batting.  Time with Nancy is always educational.  In addition to the wealth of information she shared in her presentation, she also had many pretty quilts and quilted pieces to inspire us. 


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