Wednesday, December 23, 2020

January 2021 Program
“The Quilt Top is Finished- Now What?”

Our January speaker is Becky Goldsmith of Piece O’Cake Quilts. Many of us have admired Becky’s quilts over the years. What a treat it will be to hear Becky speak and show us some of her quilts. Her topic will be, “My Quilt Top is Finished- Now What?” She will take us through the process of making decisions about batting, backing, quilting (yourself or quilt-by-check), quilting thread and designs, marking quilts…and SO much more! Becky has a real passion for
this topic and it is one of her most often requested lectures. Be sure to have a pen and paper 
handy when you log into this Zoom meeting. You may want to take notes!

Becky Goldsmith is an award-winning quilter who travels to teach quilting both nationally and internationally. Her classes are always interesting and informative, with an emphasis on teaching techniques that help you improve your sewing skills without making you crazy.
Becky met Linda Jenkins, her partner in Piece O’Cake Designs, at a meeting of the Green Country Quilters’ Guild in Tulsa, OK in 1986. They started Piece O'Cake in 1994 and, since then, have published more than 30 books and hundreds of patterns, including 7 Blocks of the Month. Linda is mostly retired now while Becky continues writing books and patterns.

Becky says that, for all of us, making quilts is interesting, fulfilling, and challenging—and that 
being a member of the quilting community is an added bonus. She never imagined that being a
quilter would become her life’s work, but she’s so happy that it did!

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