2020 Programs

Upcoming Programs and Workshops for 2020 include:

October 2020

Our speaker for October is one of our local friends, Helene Knott.  Helene has spoken to us before and we have invited her back to share her newest topic, “Sashiko, Boro, and Beyond." Helene will introduce us to ways of blending these ancient Japanese art forms with modern methods, fabrics, and colors. Sashiko doesn’t have to be koi and waves stitched with white thread on indigo fabric. Her examples are sure to inspire us!

Helene was born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula in central California, a beautiful area that served as an inspiration to set her onto a creative path for life. From a very early age she showed a keen interest in art.

While she has embraced many art forms, for the last 42 years or so, fiber and quilting has been her  primary medium. She enjoys teaching and designing commercial quilt patterns.

In 1991, Helene moved to Portland and she began teaching fiber and quilting classes. Over the years, she has won many awards at local, regional and national quilt shows..

She currently designs patterns, teaches quilting/fiber classes, and participate in quilt and fiber art shows. She also sells some of her quilts and accepts commissioned work.

Helene us active in a number of guilds and art/quilting groups and likes to stay involved with the quilting community. In addition to art, she has a passion for gourmet cooking, reading and music.

Learn more about Helene at WWW.HeleneKnott.com

September 2020
Jennifer Carlton-Bailly will be our featured speaker. 

In a previous life Jen Carlton Bailly probably sold you a pair of jeans or khakis at The Gap. Today you’ll find her covered in thread and searching down the latest inspiration for a quilt. A self proclaimed master at curves, she finds pleasure in creating quilts with secondary patterns that make you stop and wonder.

Originally from Utah, Jen found her way to Portland, Oregon via Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Seattle. While Portland is amazing, she misses the dry desert and the Rocky Mountains.

Jen has a love for: cats, cats on quilts, cats wearing costumes, baking, sewing, gin rummy, fabric, Vespa’s, and the Oxford Comma. Jen has no love for: Radio Head (she knows, she knows), socks, wool (she’s allergic), Candyland, and being called Jenny.