Monthly Guild Meeting Programs

Future programs scheduled for general membership meetings:

General membership guild meetings are always the third Monday of the month.

April, 2017 "Rescued Quilts"  Robin O'Neil

Guild member Robin O'Neil has a passion for finding quilts that are in need of a little TLC and turning them into great quilts that will be loved and used..  Robin will show us her large collection of gorgeous quilts that were once thought to have little value. She will share with us how she gave them new life.  The evening is sure to be interesting and informative.

May, 2017 Annual Challenge Reveal hosted by Carrie Townsend
Guild member Carrie Townsend has challenged the members to design an original quilt showing their interpretation of "A Solid 10".  Our guild is celebrating their tenth year in 2017, so Carrie thought it fitting that we celebrate a SOLID 10.  You must use 10 solid fabrics- no more, no less.  The rest is up to you!  Let the sewing commence!   Prizes will be awarded randomly as well as by vote of viewers.  Everyone is encouraged to participate.

June, 2017  Caryl Bryer Fallert Gentry  
Inspiration and the Creative Process

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry is internationally known for her award-winning fine-art quilts, which are easily recognized by their luminous colors and illusions of light, depth, and motion. Her attention to detail has earned her a reputation for fine craftsmanship as well as stunning designs. Her quilt, Corona 2: Solar Eclipse was voted one of the hundred best quilts of the 20th Century.  Caryl's work has appeared in hundreds of exhibitions and publications throughout the world, and can be found in museum, corporate, public, and private collections in almost every state and eight foreign countries. From 1986 until 2013, Caryl has traveled extensively, lecturing and conducting workshops for quilt and textile arts groups throughout the United States, and in ten foreign countries. She continues to share her
knowledge through her publications and her website.

July, 2017  Cathy Ware- Wool Applique

August, 2017  Annual UFO  Reveal hosted by Marlene Thomas

September, 2017  Swann Sheridan
Swan Sheridan was born in Bend, Oregon and currently lives in Vail, Arizona with her husband and daughter.
Swan’s interest in all things textile related began when she was very young.  She tried everything from spinning wool, to cross-stitch and finally landed in the world of quilting during grad school as she awaited the birth of her first nephew.  She dabbled in appliqué with that first quilt in the interests of covering a mistake and thus did necessity become the mother of invention.
Appliqué truly took over Swan’s quilting life in 2004 while she was pregnant with her daughter.  Swan had a dream during that time that repeated a magical image of dragonflies rising out of a brass urn and flying toward the moon.  Unable to shake the idea that this image needed to become a quilt for her baby-to-be, Swan set out to make this quilt come alive and as a result produced her first large appliquéd scene.
In 2009, with her daughter in preschool, Swan began to refine her applique skills always with unique designs.  Soon after she took a job with Bella Quiltworks in Tucson, Arizona, offering her the opportunity to be immersed in the quilting world in a whole new way.
Swan began producing patterns for sale in early 2013 and regularly exhibits her work in local shows.  She teaches in Tucson, offering classes in appliqué, color, hand quilting, and decorative stitches. She also enjoys commission work on a limited basis.
On any given day, you can find this quilt artist half buried in fabric, brandishing her needle and thread, and otherwise surrounded by implements of creativity.

October, 2017

November, 2017  "Hand Applique and Hawaiian Quilting"  Nancy Lee Chong

December, 2017  Holiday Party

January, 2018  Sidnee Snell

In 1994, after a dozen or so years working as an electrical engineer and programmer, Sidnee Snell left the high-tech industry and began her professional artistic journey.
Sidnee has been working with fiber and fabric since her girlhood, including a stint as a custom dressmaker in high school. Her early art-quilts were geometrical and abstract in design. They were heavily influenced by traditional quilts and her studies with Nancy Crow and other prominent art quilters. In 2007, she began developing a foundation appliqué technique and producing quilts based on photographic imagery.
Sidnee's work has been collected by individuals and exhibited in galleries, museums, and art shows locally, nationally, and internationally, including Quilt National 2013. Her work was featured on the television program Oregon Art Beat and has been published in exhibition catalogs as well as national and international magazines. She belongs to Studio Art Quilt Associates and Art Quilt Network.

February, 2018
March, 2018  Annual Brown Bag Extravaganza
April, 2018  Catherine Redford
May, 2018  "Sashiko"  Sylvia Pippen
June, 2018  Annual Challenge
July, 2018
August, 2018  Annual UFO Contest
September, 2018
October, 2018  Mickey Depree
November, 2018
December, 2018  Annual Holiday Party

Past programs enjoyed by members and visitors to our monthly guild meetings:

January, 2017 "WQG Quilt Barn Trail Update" Julie Mason & Jane Foust
February, 2017  "Postcard Quilts"  Bonnie Sabel Welte
 March, 2017  Annual Brown Bag Extravaganza

January, 2016  "Redwork" Jean Gordon
February, 2016  "Casting Shadows" Colleen Wise
March, 2016  Annual Brown Bag Extravaganza  chaired by Sandi Carner
April, 2016  "Quilts That Tell a Story"  Anne Sonner
May, 2016  "Global Dances" Helene Knott
June, 2016  Annual Challenge- the Number 9  Hosted by Clara Mashek
July, 2016  "Paper Piecing"  Cheryl Peck
August, 2016  Annual UFO Contest Reveal  Hosted by Marlene Thomas
September, 2016  "The Value of Color"  Michele Crawford
October, 2016  "ZigZag Pizzazz" Kathie Kerler
November, 2016  "Vintage Quilts"  Hosted by Barbara Sanders
December, 2016  Annual Holiday Party

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