2011 Quilt Show Review

Included in the show were:
  • More than 150 quilts, both new and vintage 
  • Boutique of guild-created items
  • Door Prizes
Close-up of Ann Laffin's quilt of
Jackson Bottom Wetlands,
winner of our guild challenge
  • Featured quilt artists:
      Terry Grant
      Mary Goodson

Mary Goodson and Terry Grant are both members of Columbia Fiber Arts' own High Fiber Diet group.

Terry Grant
Terry Grant has combined her background in design, printmaking and painting with a lifelong love of fabric and sewing. She finds inspiration in the sensuous tactile qualities of fabric as well as through the quilts of the Lancaster Amish; painters, Paul Klee, Vincent van Gogh and others; and indigenous art forms from many cultures.

An internationally known quilter, she was recently included in the book, Twelve by Twelve the International Art Quilt Challenge, which she signed at our show. Check out her blog, And sew it goes...
  Terry's topic on Saturday was, From Fabric to Art.

Mt. Hood from the air by Terry Grant

Mary Goodson
Mary Goodson's technique began many years ago with her love of painting. Over time it has evolved into quilting. She likes being able to add  the  texture and feel of fabric to her work, along with the challenge of dying her own fabric. Mary's pieces go back and forth between contemporary and traditional, and even include soft sculpture. Mary's quilts have been displayed all over the United States as well as internationally, and her work was included in 500 ART QUILTS An Inspiring Collection of Contemporary Work.

The topic of Mary's talk on Sunday was, The Journey of Becoming a Fiber Artist, with tips along the way.

Layers of a Tree by Mary Goodson

Winners at the show included: First Place - Sue Hauser for her double wedding ring, quilted by Sandy Pennington

Second Place - Patty Dobbs for her applique

Third Place - Marcia Elliot for her stars

Tuality Foundation Award - Marcia Elliot for Vineyard Stroll

Conservation Award -  Worms by Patty Dobbs

President's Award - Jean Noltensmeier for her appliqued postage stamp, quilted by Shawn Priggel

Featured Quilter Award by Terry Grant  - Ann Laffin's Bob the Cat

Featured Quilter Award by Mary Goodson - Jean Lasswell for That's What I Like About Oregon

We are always striving to present the art of quilting in innovative ways. Because of our show's river theme, we included local river conservation groups who shared their organizations' missions with show visitors. In addition, several local charity quilting groups attended to promote their causes.

Many thanks to our sponsors, The Oregonian

and to the organizations from which we've been awarded grants and made this show possible:

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